What we sell on this website?

Welcome to our distinguished platform, where we proudly showcase an exquisite array of Home and Living Products. Delicately nurtured on our flourishing farm nestled in the verdant province of Sindh, Pakistan, near the illustrious Mirpur Khas, our agricultural treasures embark on a journey to grace your abode. As of now, these extraordinary goods are exclusively available for delivery within the enchanting borders of Pakistan.

Embarking on a majestic tale that began in 1806, the legacy of Sherwah farming unfurled with the visionary creation of the SherWah canal, meticulously engineered by our revered forefather, Mir Sher Muhammad Talpur. Through the generations, our family has diligently safeguarded this cherished enterprise. With the dawn of the e-commerce era in Pakistan, we have embarked on a noble quest to directly offer our bountiful harvests to discerning customers, bypassing intermediaries and ushering in unparalleled affordability.

In addition to our freshly harvested agricultural wonders, our digital emporium unveils an opulent assortment of off-season marvels. Embracing an exquisite collection of home and living products, we curate rare treasures that are either elusive in the vast realm of Pakistan or exclusive to cosmopolitan hubs. Embodied within each hand-selected item lies our unwavering commitment to superior craftsmanship, environmental stewardship, and the quest to help you unlock significant savings on energy expenditures. Complementing our enchanting repertoire, a diverse array of indispensably practical commodities further awaits your discovery.

Harnessing the global reach of Sherwah Ventures (Registration # 202003158771 (IP0541111-M)), our esteemed establishment based in the vibrant realm of Malaysia, we diligently source the majority of our non-farm items. Through this strategic collaboration, we bring you a symphony of unparalleled excellence, ensuring every item resonates with the utmost quality and ingenuity.

Join us on this remarkable journey, as we transcend boundaries and redefine the very essence of elegance, convenience, and sustainability. Embrace the quintessence of Sherwah, where a world of exceptional wonders awaits you.

Dr Mir Atta Muhammad Talpur
CEO / Founder