What we sell on this website?

We sell Home and Living Products on this site. Most of our own products currently come from our farm – Sherwah Farm.

Farming at Sherwah began in 1806 when Mir Sher Muhammad Talpur, the then ruler of the area, built Sher Wah (canal). It has remained our family business since then. Since the introduction of e-commerce in Pakistan, we are striving to market our farm products directly to consumers, eliminating intermediaries and thus reducing end-user prices.

Besides fresh farm groceries, you’d also find on our website products for off-season use, assorted collection of home and living products that may be difficult to find in Pakistan or only available in big cities, quality products that would promote environmental conservation and help you save energy costs, and many other useful things that you’d love to have. Most of our non-farm products are sourced through our sister company in Malaysia, Sindh Ventures Sdn Bhd.

Dr Mir Atta Muhammad Talpur
CEO / Founder