From Bangkok to Lahore: Exploring the Mouthwatering Magic of Mango Rice!

Mango Rice plate

In this blog post, we explore the differences between Thai Mango Rice and Pakistani Aam Chawal. While the basic ingredients are the same, the flavors and preparations differ. Thai Mango Rice uses Nam Doc Mai mangoes and sticky rice flavored with coconut milk. It is a popular dessert that originated in the royal court and is now a symbol of Thai culture. In contrast, Pakistani Aam Chawal uses Sindhri mangoes and plain Basmati rice, and it is a savory dish. We also discuss making a Pakistani-style sweet version called Anb Chashni with coconut milk.

Mango Trees: From Blossoming Beauties to Juicy Delights – the Fascinating Facts

A glass of mango juice and a slice of mango on a table

Discover the fascinating world of mango trees, their varieties, sizes, and ripening process. Mangoes are not just any fruit, they are embedded in South Asian culture and history, and are considered the undisputed king of all fruits in the region. Learn about the Sindhri mango, which is the highest quality mango found in Pakistan, and its fascinating characteristics, including its soft and juicy flesh, oval shape, and thin skin. Join us on this journey to explore the world of mangoes, including their fragrant flowers, medicinal properties, and the different varieties that make them such a beloved fruit.