Order Fulfillment and Shipping Information

Free Shipping

Currently, the products shipped from a warehouse located in Pakistan and sent out under “Free Shipping” label are shipped out free of cost. From time to time, we may also announce free shipping for items we normally charge the shipping cost. Such free shipping usually is offered to those who are signed up to our newsletter and follow our social media sites, and from time to time.

Warehouse Location and How It Affect the Fulfillment Process

Please check carefully on the product page to know from which country your items are being shipped. This affects the shipping and delivery time. This may also affect the levy of customs in your country of delivery. Usually, in the case of our items, there is no customs duty when shipped from within Pakistan to another location within Pakistan. However, in some cases and in some countries, customs taxes or duties may apply. Please do bear this in your mind while ordering the products.

Customs Charges

If the products ships from the warehouse located outside your country the customs in your country may (or may not) impose some charges (in most cases, none or just small charges). This customs clearance and payment of customs duty etc. is the responsibility of the buyer. This is beyond our control. We also cannot tell in advance, if there would be any customs costs or not in any product. All these are governed by the laws of your country.

Shipping and delivery times

Shipping from a warehouse located in Pakistan is done within 3-4 days of the complete order with all payments cleared. Within Pakistan, these consignments usually reach the buyer within 2-5 days of the shipment being picked up by the courier.

Shipping from warehouses located outside Pakistan, the ordered product is usually shipped out within 7 working days. Such shipments usually take 1 to 4 weeks to deliver after being shipped out. In some unusual cases, it may even take 6-8 weeks to deliver. We do try our best to expedite the shipping, however, we cannot promise quick delivery.

Shipping by other /affiliate websites

Some products are sold by other providers and links are placed on the product page as “Buy from XYZ site” (where XYZ would be the name of the website). Such products are sold through these websites directly to you and not by the sherwah.com. The shipping and delivery time and costs involved in order fulfillment are all controlled by them. For such products, we only act as an ‘advertiser’ and re-direct you to other affiliate websites who sell the product directly to you. We clearly indicate this by placing a button stating, “Buy from XYZ site” (where XYZ would be the name of the website). Order fulfillment, including shipping and delivery, is controlled by these websites and NOT by us. We do not have any control over such purchases done from these websites and our relationship is only as an advertiser of their product for which they pay us a small commission when you make a purchase from them (more about this at Affiliate and Advertising Disclosure)