Perisai Sarawak Borneo – Terabai Iban – Armor Shields


Sarawak Armor Shields, known commonly as Perisai Sarawak or Terabai Iban. Nowadays, these shields are mainly ornamental and are purchased by visitors as souvenirs and gifts to return home with. Furthermore, similar artifacts are used to adorn local homes.


  • The item for sale is a pair (2 shields) of Sarawak Armor Shields for decorative purpose
  • The material used: Softwood
  • Approximate size: 50 cm x 17 cm (at maximum width)
  • Use: Decoration; Wall decoration


  • Shipping is free
  • Ships from Malaysia
  • Takes between 20 and 35 days to arrive if the delivery address is outside Malaysia.
  • The price does not include local taxes (if any) in the destination countries if shipped to destinations outside Malaysia.

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