Sarawak Pua Kumbu – cloth of the cultural rituals


Pua Kumbu is a vibrant, frequently patterned ceremonial cotton fabric produced and worn historically by the Iban people of Sarawak, Malaysia. A Dayak woven pua kumbu is considered sacred by the tribe. The fabric is used in a variety of rituals, including childbirth, coming of age celebrations, welcoming an important object into a longhouse, screening a body before burial, and performing a funeral ceremony. It is literally utilized at every stage of life, from birth to death. Pua kumbu is entirely handmade. and even the colors used are derived from natural flora found in the surrounding forests.

  • The item for sale: Original Pua Kumbu
  • Note about color: Due to the use of natural dyes, this piece of cloth should not be washed. Water or other liquid interactions may spoil the pattern of the fabric. Due to screen display and photographic differences, the colors in the image may vary from the original.
  • Approximate size: 34cm x 62cm


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  • Ships from Malaysia
  • Takes between 20 and 35 days to arrive if the delivery address is outside Malaysia
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