Sindhi Ajrak – a kind of shawl, scarf, lungi, wrap, dopatta, robe, serape


Sindhi’shawls’ made from traditional woodblock prints. Since thousands of years, the inhabitants of the Indus Valley Civilization have worn ajraks. Ancient motifs and patterns are reflected in hand prints.

Product Specifications

  • Item: Sindhi Ajrak. Hand-painted; two panels of cloths are stitched together using embroidery
  • Design: Traditional with some contemporary motifs
  • Quality: Very Good (Grade-2 – Second best quality)
  • Approximate Size: Average approximate size of any Ajrak is 235 cm (range 228-238) x 170 cm (range 155-180)


  • Shipping is free
  • Ships from Malaysia
  • Takes between 20 and 35 days to arrive if the delivery address is outside Malaysia.
  • The price does not include local taxes (if any) in the destination countries if shipped to destinations outside Malaysia.

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