Sindhri Mangoes of Mirpur Khas Pakistan

Sindhri mangoes of Mirpur Khas, Pakistan

Pakistan’s delicious Sindhri Mangoes are a treat for your taste buds this summer season.

Sindhri Mangoes are among the sweetest, juiciest tropical fare you can find! Packed with nutrients, these Mirpurkhas-grown fruits are practically everyone’s favorite! Sindhri mangoes are not only delicious but also healthy. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They are worth every paisa. If you haven’t tried Sindhri Mangoes yet, you don’t know what you’re missing out on.

If Alphonso of India is the ‘King of Mangoes,’ Sindhri of Pakistan is unquestionably the ‘Queen of Mangoes.’

The mango is a tropical fruit that has been grown for over 4500 years and is one of the world’s most eaten fruits.


The Tamil word “man-kay” is credited for coining the English term “mango.” The Portuguese, as masters of the seas, were instrumental in spreading this fruit around the world.

Mangoes (Mangifera indica) is a type of fruit native to Southeast Asia, including India, Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, Indonesia, Borneo, Sri Lanka, China, and the Philippines. Mango trees thrive successfully in Vietnam, Pakistan, and Taiwan as well. Northern and Western Australia also grow some mango cultivars. They are also grown in Mexico, Brazil, and other South American countries in the west, as well as on some Pacific islands.

The tree grows fruit all year in the tropics, with the peak season lasting from April to June. The mango season in Pakistan begins in mid-May in Sindh and lasts until September. Sindhri mangoes, on the other hand, are only available from June 1st to June 30th. They are not available throughout the year. You may be able to get them earlier in May, but they may not taste as wonderful. Sindh’s best Sindhri mangoes come from the Sindhri taluka of the Mirpur Khas region. As you proceed north, the flavor of Sindhri mangoes fades.


Criteria of good Sindhri mangoes

Five characteristics distinguish a fine Sindhri mango:

  1. thin peel,
  2. thick pulp with lower fiber content
  3. small seed stones,
  4. yellow peel preference, and
  5. a mango that fits in your palm.

Good Sindhri Mangoes must be from Mirpur Khas.

Sindhri mangoes cultivated elsewhere in Pakistan or across the world lack the flavor of those grown in Sindh’s Mirpur Khas area. This is akin to the best tasting Harumanis, which one can only find in Malaysia’s Perlis state. Harumanis grows in Indonesia as well, and it most probably originated in Probolinggo, East Java. Harumanis derives its name from the phrase “Harum dan Manis,” which translates as “fragrant and sweet.”They don’t taste nice in other locations.

For example, if you’re seeking the best Carabao mangoes, you’ll only find them on the Philippine island of Guimaras. Ataulfo mangoes require Mexican soil and weather to yield the best-tasting fruits. If the same mango type is cultivated in a different location, it will not taste as good. Thailand is the place to go if you want to eat Nam Dokmai or Ok Rhong Damnoen. Similarly, if you want to experience the Diamond mangoes (Sein Ta Lone), the best mangoes in Burma, you must travel there.

The sweetness of Sindhri mangoes increases as the temperature rises. The plant’s fruit output peaks at temperatures over 45°C. These mangoes are more costly than other Pakistani mangoes like Anwar Ratol and Chaunsa.


Ordering Sindhri Mangoes

Sindhri mangoes may be ordered at beginning in early May, however, they are shipped out on a first-come, first-served basis beginning on May 25th, and supplies from the farm are often sold out by the 10th of June. If you’re seeking the best Pakistani mangoes, keep these dates in mind and place your order through the product page of this website well in time.

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